Our mission at JUGO JUICE is to offer a family of great tasting, healthy and accessible products to our customers.

We’re not health gurus or personal trainers. We are good people who make great products that help people eat and drink healthier without sacrificing on taste and pleasure.



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Since we started fuelling Canadians in 1998, we have provided our customers and communities with delicious, on-the-go alternatives to mainstream fast food. We have remained grounded in our guiding principles. It’s these principles that keep us engaged and energized to provide the best food and beverage choices possible to fuel your daily lifestyle.


Small steps towards sustainable living

Sustainability is a journey and we are continually working to reduce our environmental footprint, from building materials to printing. We use recyclable smoothie cups, compostable paper straws, and are continuously making efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our to-go packaging.

In 2021, MTY group (which JUGO JUICE is part of) implemented a 3R policy: recycle, resuse and reduce. MTY works stringently with suppliers to find alternatives to some products and certain packaging materials while making changes when they are possible.


Supporting our community

Blending up good times for great causes: we’re always happy to help. Submit a request below.


On-the-go convenience & health

Your lifestyle is go-go-go! You can skip the time-consuming trip to the produce aisle and have a healthy “meal in a cup”. How great is that?


Get your 5-10 a day the jugo way

Most of our large size smoothies contain more than 5 servings of fruits and veggies! How? We liberated ourselves from unnatural fillers and sorbet. Mmmm…the sweet taste of freedom!


Our ‘not so secret’ recipe

Our competitors use fillers like sorbet to thicken their smoothies. Not JUGO JUICE – our smoothies are packed with fruit and veggies and 100% sorbet-free! We blend it right in front of you and use a clear cup so the velvety consistency and brilliantly pure ingredients shine through.


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Peanut Butter & Chocolate
Banana, all natural peanut butter, frozen yogurt, chocolate almond milk
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Did you know?

Enjoy this classic combination of bananas, peanut butter and chocolate in this creamy, delicious smoothie made for chocolate lovers. We’re sure you’ll go bananas over this one.

Key Benefits

  • Calcium
  • Bone health
  • Clean craving crusher
Soy Free
Gluten friendly
Brain health

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More benefits


Nutritional powerhouses to support a healthy immune system and ability to fight infection.


Contains no animal foods such as meat, dairy, eggs and honey.


Contains no meat, poultry, fish or eggs. May contain dairy.


Ideal option after a workout or sports for more protein to repair and restock muscles.


Ideal option before exercise or sports to provide a quick source of fuel for your workout.


Protein rich choices to help you keep full longer and repair your muscles and tissues.


Contains healthy foods to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Brain health

Contains brain healthy ingredients that enhance energy and are protective from cognitive decline.

Gluten friendly

Contains gluten-free ingredients but we can’t guarantee they haven’t come into contact with gluten during preparation.


According to information provided from suppliers, these items are free of GMO based ingredients.

Soy Free

Made without ingredients from soybeans such as soy milk and other by-products of soybeans.
*Although substituting with Vega protein powder provides no soy ingredients, please note the product label says “may contain soy” given the manufacturing plant processes many foods.

Dairy Free

Made without ingredients from dairy such as milk or yogurt.

*Although substituting with Vega protein powder provides no dairy ingredients, please note the product label says “may contain milk” given the manufacturing plant processes many foods.

Plant Based

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Original fan-favorite options for both taste and overall good nutrition.

Freshly Pressed

Juice prepared by pressing fruits and vegetables.

Fresh Energy

Get-up-and-go options that stimulate your brain and body with extra energy and zest.